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Ocean Radar Conference 2016 for Asia-Pacific (ORCA)

14-16 April 2016
Whuan, China

The third Asia-Pacific Ocean Radar Conference will bring multi-national HF Radar users together to collaborate on a range of topics including network planning, operations, maintenance, data analysis, and research. CODAR company chief technical officer Chad Whelan will be presenting On the Suitability and Performance of HF Radar Sites for Tsunami Observation (Barrick and Whelan, 2016).

SeaSonde Installation, Big Creek, Monterey Bay, California

Spring 2016 SeaSonde® Technician
Basic Training

16-20 May 2016
Northern California

Our Spring 2016 Training Course will be held in Northern California

This course offered is recommended for new SeaSonde operators and is a good refresher for experienced users as well.

Oceans ’16 MTS/IEEE Monterey

19-23 September 2016
Monterey, California
Be sure to visit CODAR Exhibit Booth #204



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