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General Specifications
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& General Specs.

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  SeaSonde Site Installation

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   SeaSonde Remote Unit
Specifications & Configuration

  SeaSonde Central Site
Data Containing Station

  NEW Advanced Feature -
Multi-Static Functionality

  SeaSonde Multi-Static Data
Processing Software Package

  SeaSonde Bistatic
Transmitter Package

  Pushing the Range
of Your SeaSonde

  Protecting the SeaSonde
from Lightning and
Other Electrical Surges

SeaSonde Network Accessories

  Transponder & Transponder
Extender Kit
(SSTR-101 & SSTR-EX)

  Field Service Kit

  Connector & Adapter Kit

  External Hard Disk,
FireWire Type

  UPS Power Conditioning Unit

  Equipment Rack

  UPS Power Conditioning
Unit with Battery Array

  Hard Shipping / Carry Case Set

  SeaSonde Enclosure

  Room Air Conditioner,
Closed Loop System


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SeaSonde® Connector & Adapter Kit

CODAR Product Code: CAK-200

Product Description:
The SeaSonde Connector & Adapter Kit contains a variety of connector and adapters that are used inside cable replacement and repair activities.

• (1) Plastic, compartmentalized case • (1) BNC jack to SMA plug adapter
• (5) BNC connector -RG58 type • (1) N jack to N jack adapter
• (5) TNC connector- RG58 type • (1) SMA jack to SMA jack adapter
• (5) N connector- RG58 type • (1) TNC jack to TNC jack adapter
• (5) N crimp connector- RG8 type • (1) 6” SMA plug to SMA plug RG316 cable
• (1) 12” heat shrink- RG8 type • (1) 3” SMA plug to SMA plug RG316 cable
• (1) 12” heat shrink- RG58 type • (1) 3’ BNC plug to BNC plug cable
• (1) N plug to BNC jack adapter • (1) BNC plug- 50 Ohm resistor terminal
• (1) N jack to TNC plug adapter • (5) 5A Fuses for 100V or 2.5A fuses for 220V (fuse voltage type provided based on SeaSonde voltage purchased)
• (1) BNC plug to TNC jack adapter • (40) Zip cable tie
  • (1) Silicone grease

† Specifications and appearance are given as guidelines and may change without notice.

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